Performance protocol and points table record keeping

The aim of this protocol is to regulate the list of towers that appear in the points table used in the successive Tarragona Human Tower Competitions.
The purpose of this protocol is therefore to update this table to the current tower building situation, bearing in mind that it is a tool with which new towers can be added to —carried out in squares or team projects—, but also exclude them if necessary.
The update will be systematically carried out by the competent body each year between the 1st of January and the 31st of March. This organism will analyse the novelties that took place during the previous year, in accordance with the points established, and will give the table to the teams and media during the first days of April. The points that will be considered are the following:
1. Towers with six tiers and pillars of five. Any new tower at this height will not enter the points table while this table starts off with a carregat four by seven.
2. Towers with seven tiers. Constructing —carregat or descarregat— any tower with seven tiers with a completely new structure will enter the Tarragona Human Tower Competition points table when:

3. Towers with eight, nine or more tiers and pillars with seven or more

4. New structures. New structures are those that no tower building team has been able to achieve —carregat and/or descarregat— in modern times and up to the end of the 31st of December of the year previous to the update. In order to include these structures in the Tarragona Human Tower points table they must fulfil the following conditions:

5. Exclusion of inactive structures. This protocol has the tools required to exclude constructions that are currently included in the points table or that may be included in the future.
Therefore, the following towers will be excluded from the points table:

6. Variations of the same structure. For a new structure —as for the existing ones— variations can be applied and these have to be taken into account when considering whether this variation has created a different tower:

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